Simple Box Cushions

Simple Box Cushions

Today I managed to snag a bargain and picked up this beautiful heavy weight cotton with a watercolour duck print for £5/metre! Perfect for the simple box cushions I was planning to make!

Duck Fabric Heavy Weight Cotton for Garden Box Cushions

Deciding on box cushion style

I wanted to make some box cushions for my garden chairs and I decided to go for a simple, minimal style. Traditional box cushions are usually piped and have separate panels for the top, bottom and all four sides. They look great, but also require quite a lot of work and time.

Traditional Box Cushions with Piping

The simple box cushions I made are constructed from a single panel and have a seamless finish on the front and top, with a single seam running around the centre of the sides. This style requires less cutting out and less steps to assemble, and I was able to make a set of four and be sitting on one of them with a book and a coffee within an afternoon!

Simple box cushion with seamless finish at the front
I love the seamless finish at the front of the cushion!

Other cushion materials

I used 5cm thick blue foam, which I cut to size using an electric bread knife. This is such a good tool for the job! Blue foam is firm and is very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Perfect for those long sunny afternoons in the garden!

These simple box cushions have a zip fastening and so can be removed and washed easily. Although you do have to wrestle the foam pads back in! These cushion covers could also be sewn closed if washing wasn’t required, and this makes for a very neat finish.

Where to use a box cushion

Box cushions are a great way to refresh your garden chairs and benches, dining benches, window seats, ottomans and piano stools. They can be made with ties or velcro to keep them in place too.

I really like this more minimal, modern look. If you’d like to find out about having this style of box cushions made please feel free to get in touch. It always looks really smart when cushions are made to measure and fit the chair perfectly!

To see pictures of other made to measure items I’ve worked on visit my gallery!

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